When in Park hotel!


Write now I’m writing from a small coffee bar downstairs of my house, here in Tirana. While seeing all the pics from two weeks before, I’m feeling nostalgic from that weekend spend in Skopje.

Two weeks before I had a short escape at Park Hotel in Skopje. I ‘ve heard a lot about the architecture there,how much has changed also the culture of the city. In a few of my insta-stories maybe u saw I was posting a lot that weekend, and some fragments from the city it looks like I was in Paris. Crazy yee, Skopje becoming like an European city!! But without history! What a pitty. Anyway I will write for this in another post.
While arriving in the city everything was in Macedonian language ( South Slavic ), we didn’t understand nothing from the signals at the streets. Till we find the park hotel logo, and we followed the logo that fortunately you can see it everywhere, till we arrived at the hotel. #parkhotel was located In the heart of the City Park, surrounded by greenery and a sun terrace with a view to Kale Fortress and by the River Vardar. First we meet Marina the Pr manager of the hotel, she was so adorable I have to mention all the hospitality there ( the girls, the staff, all the ppl that we meet where so adorable and sweet with us ) . The staff was amazing, they all speaks English so it was easy for us to communicate. Even the housekeeper speaks better than us 😛 we felt weirdo because in other hotels mostly u should use ur bodylanguage.

Our room was called Fabulous, and that name suits it perfectly! we had the biggest closet that you can access both from the room and the bathroom. Lucky we yeee? .. especially me ( I brought with me a big suitcase and 2 dresses from Drenusha Xhara ) Crazy, but see the positive part. I wasn’t 100% clear what I wanted to wear so that’s why I brought too many clothes with me.

As u know I’m an architect, and when I see smth beautiful oh yeah i feel good…lalala 😛.
The interior at #parkhotel was WOW, industrial style combined with modern! Such a great taste of the owners and work of the architects. In the main hall the space was separated with different styles and special design furniture. The colors, give light to the space, although we didn’t have luck with the weather ( always me and E when we travel the weather is bad :S ). Every floor has a different color, our room was at 4-th floor, the color was blue. Every single room is special, from the meter squares till the furniture and colors of painting & light. Our fabulous room was in yellow color.

Maybe now u are wondering about the food, the food was so delicious. We had different plates every day. Living in Tirana, has made me a good taster about the food. I don’t like everything, I like small things with taste. And I can say the master chef at #fourrestorant was so perfect. From the meat plates till the seafood plates. And don’t forget to mention the sweets, omggg. Wish I was there right now.

Ok Ninna, u wish to be there right now.. especially for the Spa night!! At #parkhotelskopje on Sunday we went to the manifique spa that is inside the hotel -1 floor ( see the pics ). After the Sauna, Turkish bath, pool that looks like you are swimming in a bloddy basin from the red lights under the water. We end all this with full body massage from Thai Girls. Ohh while I’m writing this, seriously why I did this to myself. I could just passed and not mention again ( maybe a reason to go back again ).
I will write more soon..

Love N.


Tights or bare legs?


I  beg the stars to forgive me if I cannot make it out in the 20 degree Celsius weather with nothing but a sweatshirt and a dress under .

The new trends, new fashion!! my mom will comment immediately for this post like, how did u go outside like this!! Mom please, I’am a grown up girl so I dicide for myself 😛

write me for what you think,Tights or bare legs?

wearing: Sweater Zara FW16 ; Dress Zara FW16 ; Shoes Zara FW16 ; Bag Michael Kors ava medium

picture taken from: Fani Aliko Photography


Baby It’s (Not So) Cold Outside


Things would be so easy if only I took my own damn advice. Sorry my ( mom advice ) Like I wouldn’t have to fight a flu only if I  layered two sweaters or jackets. Right? But really now, how does one dodge the winter bugs, and the minus temperatures? How do we stay warm AND still have a life? ( and look fashionable )

Is winter fashion friendly, or are we so cold at this point we couldn’t care less about the sartorial situation?

It’s probably a bit of both, with one great news that sort of bends both ways: LAYERING. It’s the #1 secret to both staying warm and looking sophisticated.

Wearing: #Zara Faux FW 16 ; #Zara Sweater FW 16 ; #Mango Leather FW14 ; #Zara Earrings FW16 ; #Zara Shoes FW16 ; #MichaelKors Bag SS16 ; #Celine Sunglasess

Pic taken from: Fani Alico Photography


from Office Outfit to Afternoon!!


Today its different, I was thinking how many times I end up from office to going out outfit. I live alone so I have times when I come at home after work, change my clothes like for a minute and go out. So for all the women I was thinking why to not consider that morning outfit also for afternoon, just change your working pants and u are ready to go. I’m wearing all in Lindex,I love layering especially in the autumn and winter!! so i chose for office look Grey Pants with boyfriend shirt and this amazing bomber jacket that gives a cool look to the hole outfit. here is the Office outfit.


and from office outfit lets skip to afternoon. Skirts are my favorites and u know that!! So I chose this navy blue skirt that its most (you can wear it also with a knit or a oversize sweater ) easy as pie, I’am ready for 30 seconds to go out..

Afternoon Outfit!!


wearing: All in Lindex Albania #lindex

Photos taken by: Fani Aliko Photography

Lots of love N xo

Black is a happy color!!


Hi beautiful people,

So, today post is about wearing all black. Every winter I buy a lot of black clothes cause black is always on trend and very sophisticated in the same time.  I have to tell you e secret that I have always on my mind when I think about black color. It makes you look always chic and sexy, also it makes you skinnier. And also more taller.. This is one reason that we can all dress Black and fell comfortable with our bodies. ( me, still I didn’t star the gym, I hoping Santa will help me with next year decision haha )

Major Autumn trend for Boys and Girls is Turtleneck, I bought 2 turtlenecks this week ( I went for shopping with my friend E, Since it was “Black Friday” and still I payed with full price. I’m crossing my fingers for Christmas sale now ) Before you start wining about how you hate turtlenecks cause they make your neck itchy, or feel too chocked, or give you claustrophobia – please… take a deep breath in, and hug this huge trend. I’m not saying nothing the weather is getting worse and if u don’t want to get stuck in bed, the fashion trends this year are supporting us to the max!!

Pis taken from: Fani Aliko Photography

Wearing: Turtleneck: Stradivarius FW16 ; Leather Jacket: Lindex FW16 ; Skirt: Zara FW16 ; Fax: Zara FW15 ; Tights: Lindex FW16 ; Boots: Stradivarius FW15

Meet the 4 fashion Bloggers


Fashion Event, “Meet the 4 Bloggers” Me, Estela Ujka, Irena Kita, Stela Plaka.

I have to say thank you Boutique Nenette that made this happen.

A special event with the bloggers. I have seen to many brands doing those kind of events, but in Albania this was for the first time. We had an amazing time on Thursday night, meeting people that love fashion, having a conversation and sharing love. If u missed this Event cant wait to see you next time. Pic from the event.

lots of love N.

Lindex Pink


Again Lindex brand made us feel beautiful and humans. I’m happy to be a part of this campaign, I’m feeling amazing especially thinking that i’m helping womens in need. I think that whatever size or shape body you have, it’s important to embrace it and get down! The female body is something that’s so beautiful. I wish women would be proud of their bodies and not diss other women for being proud of theirs! Beside this, I’m supporting Pink Campaign for Together Fighting Breast Cancer !!

my hands are shaking while I’m writing, because I know some of us had lost ppl, so lets make this for all of us.

To support the fight against breast cancer, Lindex is launching its own design collection in October with 10 % of the price being donated to cancer research.

The Pink Collection comprises of nineteen garments and accessories of soft, knitted and woven fabrics in autumn’s most essential colors, ranging from deep burgundy to pastel pink. My idea was to create a simple everyday outfit from these special product and I hope you love it as much as I do! A particular highlight is the leather and metal Pink Bracelet, from which all profits will be donated to Cancer Research. I have mine already and I’m more than proud to wear it!

ninna_1 ninna_2ninna_6ninna_3ninna_4