Happy 5th birthday blog! let’s celebrate fashion!


Today, March 24th 2017, is my blogs 5th birthday! I can’t believe Ninnasblog is 5 years old already! The time really feels like it has flown by, but at the same time, it feels like there wasn’t ever a time where I didn’t have my personal style blog. Ninnasblog is like an extension of me now, it’s a huge part of my life that just fits in with everything I do, making it like my third arm. It wouldn’t be where it is today (hitting just over 2 million views and collaborating with some amazing brands) if it wasn’t for all of you though, my loyal readers and supporters.

Not a day goes by that I don’t smile and enjoy reading the lovely comments that you leave me, the ones that are important are the ones of encouragement and positivity! A huge thank you is going out to all of you who read my blog, those of you who comment on every post, and those of you who read without commenting (it might be nice to finally meet some of you though!), as you all make it worthwhile! It’s nice to know that I always have your support!

A special thanks to..

To my amazing best friend E, for always pushing me to go further and think harder.Thank you for always being my best supporter. And finally, thank you for being  my bestie <3.

To my brother Atlant, encouragement and for listening to me talk about my creazy ideas for hours on end. I miss you.. ❤

To the mister photographer Fani Aliko. thank you for all the pretty pic you shot for me.

wearing: Kimono Zara SS17 ; Jeans Zara FW16 ; Shoes Zara FW16 ; Leather Jacket Mango Old ; Bag Michael Kors Selma Small ; Sunglasses Ray-Ban Old

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