17191210_10206750569117818_3549916181307529940_nAs Avon‘s ” MARK” brand ambassador (omg, I still can’t believe it and I squeal inside every time I say the word ambassador) it’s no surprise that I have tons of Avon Mark beauty products but there are a few (well more than a few) that I use over and over and that I can’t travel without so here are some of them and how I use them.


Avon Mark Concealer – I didn’t realize the power of this amazing concealer until I became the brand ambassador but apparently everybody I know who knows about makeup uses this. It’s the BEST concealer and with such a wide range of shades, you’re able to match it to any skin color. I now always pack this whenever I have major photo moments so that I can look flawless.
Avon Mark Powder – This is my favorite Powder. It gives me such a nice shine and makes me look super refreshed even on those days when I’m running on 3 hours of sleep.
Avon Liquid Eyeliner – If you now me, I don’t really use too many make-up. Especially Eyeliner. This is the perfect Eyeliner for very lazy girls. It Is so easy to apply. and very fast dry!!
Avon Mark Stick Blush – So, so my cheeks are always in a light pink shade. So this Blush is so easy to apply and so fast. Like I’m in the bus on my way to work. I open my Iphone camera and I put my Blush so I can look like I was awake 2 hours before. haha
Avon Mark Lip gloss – It’s my favorite color and I like it because the Lip gloss make my lips look very shiny and it gives my face light.
you can by the products here in the official  page

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