feminine but with a twist


I’m in love with leather jackets. It gives my outfit always a perfect touch. My stupid long sentences and rant aside, LEATHER JACKETS are a staple and it is their season again. What is different in 2017 is that they’ve become heavier, more serious, thicker and more masculine but still polished rather than tiny and girly.  I really love the “feminine but with a twist” kind of style.  Write me which is your favorite style?

Wearing: Leather Jacket Stradivarius  ; Bag PINKO ; Sunglasses Ray-Ban.


pic taken from E.

have a nice weekend..

love N.

playing chic #fisherboat

Hello, guys! Some more photos to share from my last last weekend ( Ehaa, the days goes so fast ), which already feels like it was years ago. You all know by now, I love the white color and everything like kimonos, blouse,chiffon blouses and food. Can I just have a Chocolate Croissant right now as i’m writing, please and thank you?!
Talking about kimono, from the moment I saw this kimono I knew I need it. I bought it last year, and wore it during my last summer vacation so I said why not to take it with me again. I paired this piece of heaven with my ripped jeans and headed to catch the golden hour. All this resulted in the most dreamy set of photos and I hope you like it as much as I do!
for the pic thanks to E ❤
Big Kiss x 


Mark my lips


It’s been two weeks since I’ve been dancing around this post and whether or not to do it, for two reasons: 1) for you may think Ninna is not a makeup person, and specially a lipstick person. 2) I’m focused on fashion more than beauty.

But see the positive part, I love beauty products. Although I don’t wear a lot of make-up, usually lipsticks save my ass always and forever. I just put a red shade or bold and I’m ready to go.

While I’ve rarely been comfortable with bold lips for daytime, even evening sometimes, I will definitely step out of my comfort zone for this and give it a try.
Truth is for street style & daytime looks, bold lips can be the only style gimmick you choose to do to dress up a look, or give more trendiness to a plain or simple outfit, to a basic grey jumper for example, to a sporty jeans style. I mean it can be a bit overwhelming or too much, but it’s also empowering. And truth is we love how it looks on these famous faces, so why the hell not…

and for the red shade, what can I say more!!  You know what is in my mind right?!

here you can find my two favorite shades, with the best price  http://www.al.avon.com/PRSuite/static/p/sq.html?make-up/lips/p/2545-2  and here http://www.al.avon.com/PRSuite/static/p/sq.html?make-up/lips/p/2670-8

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Happy 5th birthday blog! let’s celebrate fashion!


Today, March 24th 2017, is my blogs 5th birthday! I can’t believe Ninnasblog is 5 years old already! The time really feels like it has flown by, but at the same time, it feels like there wasn’t ever a time where I didn’t have my personal style blog. Ninnasblog is like an extension of me now, it’s a huge part of my life that just fits in with everything I do, making it like my third arm. It wouldn’t be where it is today (hitting just over 2 million views and collaborating with some amazing brands) if it wasn’t for all of you though, my loyal readers and supporters.

Not a day goes by that I don’t smile and enjoy reading the lovely comments that you leave me, the ones that are important are the ones of encouragement and positivity! A huge thank you is going out to all of you who read my blog, those of you who comment on every post, and those of you who read without commenting (it might be nice to finally meet some of you though!), as you all make it worthwhile! It’s nice to know that I always have your support!

A special thanks to..

To my amazing best friend E, for always pushing me to go further and think harder.Thank you for always being my best supporter. And finally, thank you for being  my bestie <3.

To my brother Atlant, encouragement and for listening to me talk about my creazy ideas for hours on end. I miss you.. ❤

To the mister photographer Fani Aliko. thank you for all the pretty pic you shot for me.

wearing: Kimono Zara SS17 ; Jeans Zara FW16 ; Shoes Zara FW16 ; Leather Jacket Mango Old ; Bag Michael Kors Selma Small ; Sunglasses Ray-Ban Old

Spring is officially here!


Forgive my reticence, but today there will be no advice on style, stories about trends and any reasoning about life. Outside the window is spring! I just put a piece of sunny Tuesday here and wish you warmth inside – this is the most important thing that warms us, not the labels on clothes!)
I hope you will like today’s outfit: it completely reflects me and my mood in the spring, my favorite knit from Zara, Boho pants, and 5cm heels that allow me to run along the sunny sidewalks of my native city.

Fotos taken from: Fani Aliko Photography

wearing: Knit Zara SS17 ; Boho Trousers Zara SS16 ; Earrings Zara FW16 ; Heels Zara FW16 ; Jacket Mango Old ; Bag Selma Michael Kors

Enjoy the Day; With Love N.



17191210_10206750569117818_3549916181307529940_nAs Avon‘s ” MARK” brand ambassador (omg, I still can’t believe it and I squeal inside every time I say the word ambassador) it’s no surprise that I have tons of Avon Mark beauty products but there are a few (well more than a few) that I use over and over and that I can’t travel without so here are some of them and how I use them.


Avon Mark Concealer – I didn’t realize the power of this amazing concealer until I became the brand ambassador but apparently everybody I know who knows about makeup uses this. It’s the BEST concealer and with such a wide range of shades, you’re able to match it to any skin color. I now always pack this whenever I have major photo moments so that I can look flawless.
Avon Mark Powder – This is my favorite Powder. It gives me such a nice shine and makes me look super refreshed even on those days when I’m running on 3 hours of sleep.
Avon Liquid Eyeliner – If you now me, I don’t really use too many make-up. Especially Eyeliner. This is the perfect Eyeliner for very lazy girls. It Is so easy to apply. and very fast dry!!
Avon Mark Stick Blush – So, so my cheeks are always in a light pink shade. So this Blush is so easy to apply and so fast. Like I’m in the bus on my way to work. I open my Iphone camera and I put my Blush so I can look like I was awake 2 hours before. haha
Avon Mark Lip gloss – It’s my favorite color and I like it because the Lip gloss make my lips look very shiny and it gives my face light.
you can by the products here in the official  page

It was so cold!!


The rainy days are back!!  Before speaking about the weather, today I realized how fast the days are going. This morning when I was going to work, I was thinking which day I colored my hair, and it was exactly 9 February . So Its been almost a month from the Skopje Weekend (this is my last post from there ).

The weather that weekend was so bad like minus something. Usually I don’t wear tights like nude tights, so when its cold when I want to wear a dress I wear leather leggings. I love this nude zara dress, I can wear it every were. From morning till night.Perfect for every occasion. The Oversize Parka it was my favorite this winter, it was my everyday solution. White t-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers and my parka ( was my almost everyday outfit to work ).  Some of you think that I’m being fashion at work too ( this is not true :S I have a dressing code that I’m going to tell you in the next few post, working in the television has rules too.So for all the girls that have uniforms u are blessed from the stars ) .

Till the next post.

Wearing: Oversize Parka Zara FW16 ; Dress Zara FW16 ; Leggings Bershka Old ; Sneakers Massimo Dutti FW16 ; Bag Michael Kors ( Selma small ) New



Sunday morning always comes with tons of coffee and freshly squeezed juice (to kill that hangover, you know?) & an undeniably strong desire to not leave the warm soft bed for the rest of your life. But sometimes a Sunday morning is clam and you feel invincible as if you could squeeze a lifetime of fun things to do in just a few sunny warm hours. Or, free of last night’s reminders, you can finally lay in bed cause you want to. Not cause you have to.. before starting the day, I’am writing this new post in Blog! Romatique, I prefer to call it!!

For all of you who read my last post, this is a part of Skopje weekend off. The dress is from Drenusha Xharra, Flower power will be huge this Spring 2017. So add a flower dress to your closet.  Have a great Sunday. ( as for me, I will get out of my bed now, cleaning my house and cooking smth for myself ) Till the next post

Love N

Pic taken from my Bestie E ❤

Wearing: Drenusha Xharra Dress ; Moccasin Zara FW16